We get several emails a month asking similar questions with regards to hair extensions fitting, aftercare and styling them, we’ve put together a list of some of the most asked ones for your benefit. If you have a question that isnt answered here, or you want to speak to us direct, please use the hair extensions query form.

How much do Hair Extensions cost?

Our most common question! The costs are difficult to predict without a consultation, this is because the cost of the hair and much of it will be required to achieve the look of the hair you desire, other factors include hair grade, length, quantity, colours etc.

For an actual quote, We offer a free consultation so that we can tailor a cost to suit your hair type, colour and length.

Is it safe to use my hair with extensions? 

Hair Extensions are a totally safe option to boost volume and length in your hair. At iSalon, we only use micro ring (or bead) hair extension type, this is the safest and kindest way to fit extensions to your hair.

How long does it take to fit extensions?

It depends on what type of extension you choose. Temporary extensions & clip in don’t take long usually an hour slot is booked. However our Micro Ring method can take from 2-4 hours.

What is the best way to look after my extensions and care for my new extensions?

During the fitting of the hair extensions, we usually go through some short tips and methods of ways to care for your new hair. Although special shampoos and conditioners are not 100% required, we will recommend some products which will help to prolong the life of the extensions.

How long will my extensions last?

Good quality grade hair extensions should last around 9 -12 months if cared for properly, we’ll advise you on the best method to look after your hair as well as booking you in for regular re-tightens.

How noticeable are hair extensions when they’re in?

If people notice by glance that you are wearing hair extensions, then something isn’t right. At iSalon, we will only recommend a style and hair extension type which matches your current hair type and then professionally cut & style your hair to blend in.  During your fitting, we’ll give you advice and tips on the best way to style your hair at home in order to fully maximise the look and character of your new hair.

Will I be unable to touch my head with extensions in?

A funny question we’ve had, but Yes, of course you can, we fit the extensions 1/4 inch from your roots and scalp but do not block the roots from oxygen etc, so you will be able to feel and touch your scalp as normal.

What electrical styling equipment can I use with extensions in?

We only use 100% Human Hair Extensions, this means you can still use all of your tools at home, including hair dryers, straighteners, curlers as if it was your own hair.

Are my extensions allowed to get Wet?

Yes, hair extensions are human hair, you can swim, shower, steam anything to do with water is fine, although we would recommend you dry your hair after its been wet so that it reduces any knotting or tangling.

I want hair extensions, but I also want a colour change, Is this possible?

Hair Extensions come in many different colours and weights, this is why we need a consultation with you beforehand so we can match up the colour you want to the extension, we’ll colour your hair beforehand so everything looks natural when finished.

 Can my roots still be coloured when wearing extensions?

In most cases yes, we can still colour your roots with the extensions still attached.

 I have extensions fit all the time, should I take a break in between?

It is always best to give your hair a short holiday off extensions in between, this allows us to cut and treat your hair and condition it, even if you take a break for just a week or two.

Will my hair be damaged after removing  extensions?

No, not at all, we fit only Micro Ring Extensions, this means there is no glue, no adhesive, nothing that can have any damaging effect on your head or hair. There is also no chemicals or other harsh liquids we need to use when removing.

See more information on the Micro Ring Extensions we fit.

If you have a question which is not listed here or need to discuss your hair extensions requirements, you can phone the salon on 01704 500872 or use the contact form opposite.

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